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Chalo Parho and Barho - Press Releases
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"Chalo Parho Barho" launched in Shah Darah village Islamabad on International Literacy Day
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"Chalo Parho Barho" launched and Drop-in Center inaugrated
cpb Daily Times, 12th September 2011
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cpb Express Tribune, 10th September 2011
cpb The News, 10th September 2011
cpb Regional Times, 10 September 2011
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Dawn August 15
Dars Gahain - Samma Newspaper
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Chalo Parho Barho “ (Let’s Read & Grow) – An Accelerated Learning & Access Enhancement Campaign Officially Launched in Multan
“ Chalo Parho Barho “ (Let’s Read & Grow), a pioneering initiative to increase literacy and numeracy rate in Pakistan. was given the official go ahead by the DCO of Multan Mr. Zaid Akhtar Zaman. Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) piloted this program in 2 rural localities of South Punjab districts in Rawani village of Multan, and Wahid Bakhsh Larh of Rahim Yar Khan for five months. After successful piloting, which just ended in July 2011, ITA is poised to implement this program for 20-25 week duration on a large scale for wider coverage in Pakistan. The per child cost for this 25 week program is only Rs. 500 and anyone citizen can sponsor a child in Pakistan. Each child will have her/his unique report card.

For the first scaled up program, the entire Tehsil of District Multan, Jalalpur Pirwala has been earmarked. Director Programs ITA Dr. Baela Raza Jamil along with all ITA team members provided a comprehensive briefing to the District Coordination Officer (DCO) Multan Mr. Zaid Akhtar Zaman, DMO Education, Mr. Hidayatullah , EDO Education Multan Ch. Afzal Javed & DEO (EE-W) Mrs. Nusrat Firdaus regarding the implementation and benefits of Challo Parho Barho in Tehsil Jalalpur Pirwala. Mr. Sohail Raza Syed, Deputy Director PMIU was also present.

Ch. Afzal Javed EDO Edu. Multan also welcomed this initiative and positively recommended ITA as an organization focused on quality education in District Multan. He appreciated ITA’s past programs and high quality of construction, and mobilization by ITA in collaboration with OXFAM and Dubai Cares.

The DEO (EE-W) Mrs. Nusrat Firdaus shared her views about her team’s positive experience during the piloting of Chalo Parho Barho in Rawani village. She elaborated the Impact of the program she found in community and specially in students & Teachers of GGES RAWANI and GPS RAWANI in such a short duration of time. It was the DEO EE Mrs. Firdaus who recommended that the program be expanded to the backward Jalalpur Pirwala tehsil, that suffers from challenges of access and quality.

The DCO Multan Mr. Zaid Akhtar Zaman assured full cooperation of the District Government and Education/Schools Department. As in charge of the District Government, he committed to extending full cooperation with respect to any bottlenecks and issues that may occur during the scaling up of the program. The DCO promised help in mobilizing support from local business community and the Schools’ Department. He was most grateful to ITA for implementing this program and announced the formal implementation of Chalo Parho Barho campaign for accelerated learning and access in Multan.

The CPB campaign has three phases-
i) pre implementation phase comprising of fundraising and project mobilization – August 2011 ;
ii) implementation phase from September 8, 2011 to January 31, 2012 and
iii) post implementation phase – Feb- March 2012 focusing on dissemination of results, impact studies and advocacy. Each phase will be transparently conducted in the public domain with every segment boldly displayed on its public friendly website: www.cpbPakistan.org.


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Minutes of the Meeting at Jalalpur Pirwala
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